We have concluded the phase 1 of LUNA (New) airdrop to our existing LUNA holders based on the Terra foundations token distribution plan.

The OLD LUNA token has been delisted and renamed to LUNC,  the wallets are active and the token balances are still available for the user to withdraw.


All pre attack holders of LUNA (Now LUNC), the date and time for the pre attack calculation is before 7th May 2022 8:30pm IST

Pre-Attack 1 LUNC = 1.034735071 LUNA(New)

All post attack Luna (LUNC) holders after 7th May 2022 8:30 pm IST

Post-Attack 1  LUNC =  0.000015307927 LUNA(New)

The above distribution is of phase one and only represents 30% of the actual airdrop, rest of the airdrop will be distributed in phases over 24months starting from December 2022

Trading for LUNA (New) will start on 13:30 PM IST on 01/06/2022 with the Symbol LUNAINR.

LUNC balances will only be visible under crypto wallets and can be sent to crypto addresses outside of PocketBits.

More details on the airdrop can be found here: https://support.pocketbits.in/support/solutions/articles/44002339571-pocketbits-will-support-the-terra-luna-airdrop

Risk warning: Trading in cryptocurrencies are subject to market, technical, and legal risks. The prices of these assets fluctuate based on global demand and supply. Please make your trades cautiously. PocketBits is not responsible for your trading losses.