Hey Bitsians!

If you HODL BitTorrent ($BTT) on PocketBits then this article is important for you.

PocketBits would support the BitTorrent (BTT) Token Migration, Redenomination and Renaming Plan. Our team will handle all the technicalities involved. All you need to do is take note of the following:

- Withdrawals for BTT would be temporarily paused from the 17th of January'22 at 00:01hrs.

- Trading for BTT would be paused from the 17th of January 00:30hrs and all pending orders would be cancelled.
-Balance snapshot would be taken on the 17th ofJanuary 00:30hrs and distribution would happen based on recorded balances
- BTT would be renamed as BTTC and distributed to all eligible users with the following ratio:

   1 BTT = 1000 BTTC

- We will re-list BTT as BTTC by the 26th of January'22; and trading for the same would be resumed.

- Withdrawals would resume once the network is deemed stable.

To read more about the Launch of BTTC Mainnet and BTT Redenomination Plan, Click Here