We have been receiving multiple inquiries regarding the distribution of SGB as part of Flare’s airdrop for all XRP holders on PocketBits. If you held XRP in your PocketBits Wallet on 12 Dec'20 – This article would be relevant for you.

The Songbird (SGB) Token would be distributed as per the balance snapshot of all PocketBits XRP holders on the 12th of December 2020 for distribution of the airdrop. (Initially taken at the time of announcing the FLARE Airdrop)

The airdropped SGB amount for each user holding XRP will be calculated based on the ratio: 

XRP: SGB = 1: 0.1511.

We will distribute SGB tokens only after the project has completed the SGB token distribution to XRP holders. A further announcement would be made once the distribution is completed.

Other important things to take note of:

- The SGB would be distributed only to the users that are eligible as per the XRP balance snapshot that was taken on 12 Dec'20.

- XRP balances under 10 XRP (including those in trade orders) would not be eligible for the airdrop.

- Only wallet balance would be considered. Any in order balances (Pro-Trade Orders) would not be considered as a wallet balance.

*NOTE: The trading services for SGB will only be determined once the token is live in the market and post a listing review by our team of Analysts. Supporting this airdrop does not guarantee the listing of SGB.