With the PocketBits VAULT, earning interest on your crypto investments is now easier than ever! 

Just follow these steps and start Holding smarter!


- Login to your PocketBits account


- Click on "VAULT"


- Select the crypto asset and tenure that you wish to lock in the vault


- Enter the amount from your available balance that you wish to earn interest on and click on LOCK IN VAULT


- Confirm the Vault by ticking both the boxes of T&C and cancellation policy.

- Note that users are free to unlock the assets from the Vault at any time and the Principal amount would be immediately returned to the Available balance after canceling the Vault.


- Sit back and relax while your Crypto is safely stored and growing over time. 

- Once the Vault tenure is completed the Principal amount and interest earned is automatically credited back to the respective PocketBits Wallet.


- Track your Active Vaults and Vault History with ease.