PocketBits will support the Pundi X (NPXS) token migration and redenomination Plan.

The team will take care of all technicalities involved, users with NPXS balances need only take note of the following :

- Deposits and Withdrawals for NPXS would be paused from the 4th of April'21 at 08:00 PM.

- NPXS would be delisted and trades would be stopped also from the 4th of April'21 at 08:00 PM. All pending Pro-Trade orders for NPXS would be cancelled.

- Token migration would happen with the following ratio; 

   1000 NPXS = 1 PUNDIX

- User balances of NPXS would be recorded and all eligible users will get credited with the respective amounts of the new token in their PocketBits PUNDIX Wallets.

- Post the successful migration we will list and resume with trading for the migrated token PUNDIX. 

- A separate announcement would be made after the token swap is completed about resuming deposits, withdrawals and trades for PUNDIX.

For more details on the NPXS token redenomination : https://bit.ly/3wdqFxv