The following article will guide you step by step on how to Send (Withdraw) Cryptocurrency from your PocketBits Crypto Wallet :


STEP 1 :

  • Login to your PocketBits Account


STEP 2 :

  • Select Wallet and from the drop down click on Crypto Wallet.

  • In the list, find the coin that you are looking to send.

STEP 3 :


  • Click on the SEND icon

  • Enter the wallet address to which you want to send your Crypto to. (Please make sure that the wallet address entered is valid and correct. PocketBits cannot refund any incorrect withdrawal)

  • Enter the amount that you need to send. Kindly take note of the minimum Withdrawal amount and the withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee is dependent upon the network and PocketBits does not benefit from the withdrawal fees. The crypto withdrawal fees are updated on a regular basis as per the respective network. The amount you will receive would be : (“Amount” you enter) - (Network "Fee")

  • Click on Withdraw and enter the OTP. Your transaction will then show under the transactions tab and you can track its progress. All Crypto withdrawal requests are processed in a maximum of 59mins from the time of submission.