We understand the risks of trading in crypto assets and our team of analysts constantly review the performances of all listed assets on a regular basis. This is done to ensure the best interest of our users. 

When a listed asset fails to meet the industry standards, we conduct an in-depth detailed review and if the asset has no potential scope we conclude by delisting the same.

In light of the recent 51% attack on the Aeternity blockchain trade and withdrawals of AE had been paused for a few weeks to safeguard our users interests. Based on the stance of multiple global exchanges of delisting Aeternity and the instability of the AE blockchain our team has come to the conclusion of delisting the project form PocketBits.

If you currently hold AE on PocketBits we would support the withdrawal of your coins until the 28th of February'21.

For more details on how to withdraw your AE balances kindly contact our Support team.