PocketBis will be supporting the upcoming new Golem token swap.

Upon completion of the token swap, GNT will be renamed as GLM, representing the new ERC-20 token.

During the token swap, GNT tokens stored on the PocketBits platform will be converted to the new GLM tokens and our users do not need to take further action.

Take note of the following timelines:

- Deposits and Withdrawals of GNT will be paused starting from the 6th of December 2020 at 00:00 AM IST.
- All Pro- Trade orders for GNT would be cancelled on the 6th of December 2020 by 04:00 PM IST.

- Instant Trading for GNT would be temporarily disabled from the 7th of December 00:00 AM IST.

- A snapshot would be taken of all users that hold GNT on PocketBits on the midnight of 7th December.

- Users would be credited with the swapped GLM token with the ratio 1:1
1GNT = 1 GLM

- We will announce once Deposits, Withdrawals and Trading for GLM would be enabled.

For more information on the GNT Token Swap to GLM: