We understand the importance of safeguarding our users accounts and hence have carefully drafted policies to ensure utmost security standards.

PocketBits users can request to change the mode of Authentication from 2FA to Mobile OTP.

Users are required to create a support ticket via email on: support@pocketbits.in 

In addition users are required to attach the following photo selfie as a mandatory proof for processing the change:

A photo selfie while holding a KYC document (PAN/Aadhar) and a handwritten note.

The details on the KYC document and note must be clearly visible in the photo selfie. 

The hand written note must include the following text:

- "For PocketBits: Change of Authentication Mode"

- Date

- Signature

Note: All support tickets for change of registered mobile number/email must be sent only from the existing registered email address.

(If a user is for some reason unable to access their registered email, kindly get in touch with our support team for assistance on how to proceed)