PocketBits was launched on the 8th of Feb 2017. On the occasion of our 2 year anniversary we are happy to announce a Mega Bonanza offer for all our PocketBits users. We strongly believe that our users & the community are our supporting pillars and we wouldn't have made it so far without their support.


As a show of appreciation for being a part of PocketBits we have launched the INR Deposit Bonanza that will run from 4th of Feb to the 28th of Feb 2019. During this period all our INR Depositors will get an extra 0.25% on all their completed P2P INR Deposits.


On the 12th February 2019 we decided to double the INR Deposit Bonanza from 0.25% to 0.5%.

We are still celebrating!!! 

Now instead of a 0.25% Bonus we offer all our users a 0.5% Bonus on all INR Deposits.

Hurry! Make the most of it while the offer lasts!


Join in on the celebration as they still continue...

Please refer to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • While we run this program in good faith, PocketBits reserves the right to stop the program or make any changes without prior notice. We may make such changes in view of changing market conditions, security or risk of fraud or any other reason.

  • Only users that make INR Deposits within the given time frame would qualify to receive the extra Bonus.

  • Only INR Deposits that are marked as “Complete” within the given time frame will be entitled to the Bonus amount.

  • We constantly look out for suspicious accounts. If we find something amiss i.e. if users are found misusing the offer by any unethical means they will be automatically disqualified and will not be entitled to receive any Bonus amount.

  • By participating in the Mega Bonanza program you acknowledge the above.