Every business wants to develop a stellar reputation. Over time, that positive sentiment not only earns user loyalty, but also eventually earns trust. Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. Trust is not a matter of technique, tricks, or tools but of character.

We at PocketBits understand the importance of our users and their assets. The fact that our users have faith in us; means a lot to us. We strongly believe in providing an unimpeachable platform for our users to trade and store their crypto assets.

We are familiar with how banks ask their account holders to make nominations; which means that the account holders should nominate persons to whom the money lying in their accounts should go to; in the unfortunate event of their death. Similar to that we have also added the feature of adding a Nominee to your PocketBits account. This means that in the unfortunate demise of the account holder their nominee can claim the user’s funds from PocketBits.


How to assign a Nominee to your PocketBits account:

Assigning a nominee to your PB account is a very simple affair;

- Log into your PocketBits account.

- Go to the Profile page.

-Fill in the following information; viz. Nominee name, Relation and Mobile number; in the Nominee Details section.

-The added Nominee is then notified via a text message.

- In the unfortunate event of the users demise their nominee can then reach out to us and claim the users funds.


If an account is dormant i.e. without any trades or wallet activity for a period of six months, PocketBits will notify the registered user and their appointed nominee. This initiative has been taken to solve the issue of Nominee’s not being aware of the Users holdings on exchanges.

We at PocketBits value our users and work hard towards providing them with an efficient and transparent crypto platform. The Nominee feature is one such example of our core-values that we stand by at PocketBits.