We Give You The Power To Trade At Your Desired Price!

Now set your own price for order auto-execution with PocketBits Pro-Trade.
Featuring the benefits of an Open-Order Book with the Liquidity of a Closed-Order Book.

The following article will explain step-by-step on how to place orders by using the Pro-Trade feature.

STEP 1: From the coins listed select the particular asset that you wish to trade and click on the corresponding "Trade Now" button.

STEP 2: Select from our simplified trading options; 

INSTANT TRADE (Lets you trade instantly at current market price set by the exchange) 


PRO-TRADE (Place an order by setting your own price)

STEP 3: For PRO-TRADE simply set the desired price at which you wish to BUY/SELL the selected CryptoAsset and the Quantity at which you wish to Trade.

For Example: If the current Buy price for ADA in INR 3.66 and you wish to Buy 1000 ADA at INR 3.46, you need to enter 3.46 in Price, followed by 1000 in Quantity. The Total amount will show you the INR worth of your Trade.

Once market price matches the order price set by you, the order will be auto-executed.

STEP 4: You can view all your orders that have been placed; under the "My orders" section on the bottom of the trade page.

STEP 5: To cancel any of the orders that have been placed, simply click on the tiny red cross corresponding to the order you wish to cancel. This can be found in the "My orders" tab under "Action".

For any further queries feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance.
(Support Team is available from Mon-Sat between 10am to 7pm)