KYC verification is manually verified by our team, we usually have a 59minute guarantee for the same but due to thousands of KYC requests coming in every hour we cannot verify all profiles in time even with a dedicated team for the same, hence the guarantee is paused for now. Maximum it can take is 24 hours if all the details and documents are correct.

If your KYC is not verified even after 24 hours there are multiple factors:


We were not able to reach you on your registered mobile number for Call verification


The Pan Card uploaded is the Previous version of a Pan which were originally Black and White and this case we will need a Aadhaar card as a additional document to verify Identity.

Kindly upload a Picture of your original Aadhaar Card(back & front) at the below link:

Additional Document for KYC

Profile Verification will be completed within 48 hours after the Aadhaar is uploaded.


We will soon be streamlining the process and automating more processes to bring back our 59Minute Guarantee.